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Hot Springs and Snowshoeing

January 28, 2011

While we were in Colorado, Mitch and his sisters went skiing at Winter Park…which for a novice like myself, is a little too difficult…so my wonderful mother-in-law offered to take me to the hot springs for the day.  What are hot springs, you might ask?  Hot springs are wonderful pools of all-natural water (that bubbles up from below the earth) that is full of wonderful minerals for your skin. Ladies–this is a must-do for anyone who loves a little pampering!  They gave me a fluffy robe and we spent the day going from pool to pool chatting and reading.  The best part about it is that you spend the day in your bikini while the temperature is in the single digits…looking out onto snow-covered mountains in your bathing suit is so fun!  It was so funny to see our towels freeze each time we spent more than a couple minutes in a particular pool–because the water was so hot it would melt as soon as you wrapped up in it!

We planned on going skiing another day but the temperature was -17, so we opted out of it as to not freeze our little buns off.  But, the next day we did something that became an-every-time-we-visit-Colorado must do:  We went snowshoeing!  This is essentially hiking on a mountain trail on top of (in our case) almost 5 feet of snow!  We passed this sign on our way that normally comes up to my 6’4″ husband’s shoulders!

It was so fun to see the beautiful mountains from this perspective…it really reminded me of how beautiful God made His creation!

At one point, I shook a thin tree trunk to see how much snow would come down…now, when there’s almost 5 feet of snow on the ground, the trees are holding a lot too!  Before I knew it I was completely covered in the “little bit” I was convinced would fall–oops!

We had so much fun and I was so thankful that my studly husband carried my camera bag the whole time!

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  1. Kate permalink
    January 28, 2011 1:50 am

    Sounds wonderful!!! Looks beautiful…..where are the bikini shots????

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