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Puppy Love

October 27, 2010

During this past week, Mitch’s mom was visiting us and Mitch’s sister Melissa (who lives not too far from us) from Colorado!  We had a wonderful time getting to spend time with both of them playing games, going to the symphony and showing his mom around Pittsburgh. Sunday after church we saw the cutest little basset hound puppy–and when I say cute, I mean cute!  Now, I have mentioned my puppy bug before, but since a puppy has seemed like more of a “sometime-in-the-future” thing, it has somewhat subsided–or so I thought.  After our adorable basset hound run in, we all decided we needed to go look at puppies in a pet store and hold them to get another much needed puppy-fix.  I innocently strolled past the windows filled with puppies admiring just how cute each and every one of them were.  I adored their soft looking fur wishing I could scratch behind their cute little ears, but was just fine remaining in my puppy-less state.

That’s when it happened.

I peered into a window and saw the cutest little french bull dog puppy anyone has ever seen.  We asked if we could hold him and one of the workers went behind the cages to bring him out.  We went into a little puppy room so we could see him play and it was all over.  He looked up at me with his adorable little eyes and even Mitch was sold.  Is it worth breaking our contract on our apartment to take this little puppy home?  Could we hide him?  The price didn’t even cross our minds as we planned out our lives with a puppy in it.  I even picked out a name!

But, we realized that it probably wouldn’t be the best idea to bring a puppy home to an apartment where puppies aren’t allowed and a puppy probably wouldn’t be a very easy thing to hide.  And we realized that it would only be fair to a puppy to give him a yard so he could run.  So, we sadly gave the cute little puppy back to the pet store worker and said our goodbyes.  “I loved that dog!”  I said as we walked out of the store with our heads hanging.  “It was just puppy love, sweetie,” Mitch told me as he put his arm around me.  “You’ll find your “one” someday…and just like your pumpkin…you’ll know.”  Ha. I love how he manages to crack me up even when I’m sad!

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  1. October 29, 2010 2:28 am

    If that is the puppy you saw…that is adorable. You need to go get him.

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