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Mackenzie and Some States in the Middle

September 20, 2010

Just a couple weeks ago, Mitch’s younger sister Mackenzie went off to college to start her freshman year.  She is attending a school in Washington state which puts the kids in Mitch’s family on opposite sides of the country quite literally!  Thanks to modern technology, Mitch got to see her dorm room the other day and even meet her roommates as they chatted on Skype.

All of the college talk and excitement has made us start to reminisce about when we first went to went away to school and when we first met.  Mitch and I actually met on our first orientation day in the ID card picture line where I proudly announced to him I had just visited Arizona when he told me he was from Colorado (to an east coast girl those “states in the middle” seem like they’re all relatively close, right?)  That was the first impression I left on the cute guy I met while at school to schedule my classes that summer and he hasn’t let me live it down since!

It is crazy to think that all of that happened over 5 years ago which makes us so excited to see where God will take Mackenzie over these next few years!

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