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Bye Bye Bye

September 3, 2010

The other day at church, one of the sweet elementary-aged girls asked me the first concert I ever went to.  “N’Sync!”  I immediately exclaimed, so excited to relive my JC-loving days.  “Who’s that?” she quickly asked and my jaw hit the floor. “Who’s N’Sync?  Who’s N’Sync?!”  I instantly felt un-cool.  Someone, somewhere must still have an N’Sync CD.  I unashamedly may or may not have a few on my ipod.  My little sister and I may or may not have unexplainably gotten really excited when Joey Fatone visited the camp she worked at this summer and she may or may not have proudly shown me a picture she got to take with him.  Which made me start thinking…what ever happened to LFO?  O-town?  The Backstreet Boys?  Or N’Sync for that matter?  I had a huge daily countdown to go see “No Strings Attached” hung on my bedroom wall for three months. Wearing the outfit I spent hours picking out with homemade poster in hand, my friend and I squealed the entire way to the soundcheck her dad got us tickets to.  Immediately after the concert, I took my disposable camera quickly to CVS to have the pictures I would minutes later plaster my bedroom wall with developed.  Maybe it’s time I get a little more with it.  JC and Joey have been replaced by Justin and Joe.  The days of boy bands seem to be long gone…but dancing in the car to their “old” songs certainly isn’t.

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  1. Kate permalink
    September 3, 2010 11:31 pm

    Do I remember those days?….I have a pic of you on the front porch w/ your sign and mushroom -do!!!! LOL!!!!

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