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Sweet Disaster

August 6, 2010

I have mentioned before the aspiring domestic diva in me.  I have been learning to cook, clean, bake and all of the other things that go along with this goal.  However, there is one area of my domesticity that needs a major over-haul–multi-tasking.

The other day, Mitch was gone hanging out with some of his friends.  So I thought to myself, “What a perfect opportunity to surprise my loving husband with some chocolate chip cookies!”  (His grandma’s recipe, I might add–delish!)  So I carefully donned my cute apron, got out all of my supplies and proceeded to find the recipe.  It had been carefully put back to its adorable home in the recipe box Mitch’s sweet little sister made me.  Perfect!  I was all set.  That’s when it happened.

My phone rang.  To answer or not to answer?  I knew I had just a teeny bit of time before Mitch got home–probably just enough to finish my baking creations so the sweet aroma would fill our house as he walked in.  It was my best friend Katie who lives all the way in Florida, so I couldn’t resist.  “I have had some experience with this multi-tasking stuff,” I thought to myself.  “I can totally talk and bake–how hard could it be?”  This is often the question that gets me into trouble.  I answered the phone and proceeded to chat as I pulled out more ingredients.  That’s when I noticed–the recipe said it would make 3-4 dozen cookies.  I thought this seemed like a bit much for just the two of us, so I decided to just cut everything in half–again, how hard could it be?  We continued our conversation as I mixed and poured and measured and scooped.  I even remembered to preheat the oven and managed to get the dough on the pan.  Into the oven the cookies went as I sighed a wifely sigh of relief that a surprise for Mitch was well on its way.

Nine minutes later into my conversation, the timer beeped.  Great!  Time for the next batch!  Balancing my phone on my shoulder, oven mitts in hand, I slowly opened the oven, completely expected to be fully surrounded by that sweet chocolate chip cookie scent.  And what did I find?

One huge, slightly burnt, cooked to a crisp cookie!  My delectable surprises had all run together.  And, evidenced by the picture above, attempting to get one off of the pan resulted in about 7 of his closest friends coming along.  Yuck.  “Well at least I have some extra dough, right?” I thought to myself.  So I tweaked a few things and 9 minutes later, got this…

A smaller, more individual version of my first lovely batch!  Ooops.  Maybe I missed an ingredient?  Maybe I miss calculated the half recipe while chatting away?  In a less distracted state I had made this recipe before with much better results.  We will never know.

Poor Mitch–while these cookies look very gross and burnt, they actually still smelled really good.  He flung open our front door to announce his homecoming and was engulfed by the scent of his grandma’s famous chocolate chip cookies.  After catching a glance, all he could do was laugh with me at my sad creation.  He then graciously affirmed my attempt with…”At least they smell great!”  Haha.  I love it.

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