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A Blessed Wife

July 30, 2010

Wednesday night I didn’t get to bed until 3:15am.  My world-traveling mom was flying in from visiting my older brother (who lives in Singapore–crazy, huh?) and between burning engines and Air Force One, her plane got quite delayed!  I offered to make the trek to the airport alone so that my sweet husband (who works a much longer day than I do) could rest up soundly in bed.  After dodging airport security officers and fending for my temporary parking spot at baggage claim, I picked up my story-filled mom, took her home and then returned safely to my spot next to my cuddle-loving hubby.  Quite convinced I would wake up 3 1/2 hours later feeling well rested and peppy, my alarm would tell you a different story.  I felt quite exhausted–more sleepiness filled my eyes than any amount of coffee could cure. But, I resigned myself to the fact that this might have been a normal night’s sleep in college, so this was nothing.  So off to work we went.  Tiredness crept over me all day long.

We got home later in the evening and I was already projecting my early bedtime in my head.  Before I knew it, he told me I should cuddle up and watch a movie while he took care of everything I might have done.  It’s the simple things like this that make me feel so cherished.  I learn so much from his servant’s heart and just feel so blessed to be his wife!

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