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Domestic Diva?

July 29, 2010

Ever since we came back from our honeymoon, I have been trying to learn and master all things domestic.  Now, while I would say I am currently in the learning stage, I can only hope for the latter.  However, I thought I was well on my way to blowing Martha Stewart out of the water the other day while making dinner.  But that’s just it–as an aspiring domesticity extraordinaire, I decided to do something more–I decided to do a little baking-while-quesadilla-making.  Now, I realize that quesadillas are not the most difficult thing to make, but nonetheless require attention to detail (chopping, no-finger-slicing, cooking, melting, burn-free attention to detail, to be precise).  I always love a challenge, so I thought I would simultaneously surprise my unsuspecting husband with one of his favorite baked treats–banana bread.  Now, this strategy was timed precisely so that a warm, fresh banana bread timer would go off just as he was finishing his last morsel of Mexican cuisine.  “A surprise?”  He would ask as I daintily opened the oven door.  “One of my favorites for dessert with cold vanilla ice cream?”  “Of course!”  I would reply with a rosy-cheeked smile.

Sounds like a wonderful scenario, doesn’t it?  It would have been a wonderful scenario… if the banana bread batter made its cute little way into the pan before quesadilla consumption.  Or, if there had been cold vanilla ice cream in the freezer.  Ooops.  Domestic diva fail, I thought, as I poured the room temperature batter into my loaf pan.  Until…I turned around to my sweet husband smiling that irresistible smile admiring the fact that I had attempted (and failed) domestic greatness.  I love that even when my big plans flop he smiles and thinks it’s even more adorable that I tried.

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