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a Beautiful Place and a Beautiful Play

July 9, 2010

This summer (for the second summer in a row), my little sister, Erin, is a counselor at The Woodlands which is a camp for kids with special needs.  Kids that attend this camp were born with some kind of disability or chronic illness.  It is a place where they can play games, play instruments, go on nature hikes, swim and build friendships no matter what their limitations may be.  Erin has absolutely loved working there and I have been curious since she started as to exactly what it is like.  Curing my lack of knowledge of just how my sister spends her summers, Erin invited me last Friday to a play that was being performed by her campers.  I was really excited that I finally could meet everyone and see what she does.  I showed up a couple of minutes late, but the play itself started about a half an hour late…so I was actually early!  I made my way to a plastic lawn chair in one of three rows lined up in the grass in front of this stage…

(this picture was taken with my phone, by the way…which has more megapixels than my first digital camera!…haha)

I was looking forward to being there to see Erin and meet all of the kids she works with, but I ended up truly getting a small taste of why she does what she does.

The campers were all broken up into small groups that were each assigned (and dressed like!) a band from some time in fairly recent history.  As each group came up to perform their song (which was basically them dancing all together while the song was played from a boom box), I found myself fighting back tears. Not one of them was ashamed or embarrassed or even shy on the stage.  They all were so comfortable with everyone around them and felt so good about themselves that they danced and sang with true abandon.  Wheelchairs were swiveled from behind by a helper as their riders sang and waved their hands in the air.  Campers ran excitedly back to their counselors to ask if they had “seen them up there.”  Beautiful.  What an awesome place doing such awesome things.

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  1. Kate permalink
    July 9, 2010 1:39 pm

    Sorry I missed it! Be sure to go back for the concert the last day of “Music Camp’…it’ll blow you away! Such talent! Even original compositions by some campers! WOW!

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