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A Happy Fourth of July

July 8, 2010

I hope you all had a wonderful fourth of July!  Mitch and I spent it with a couple of our friends Matt and Mallory from college (who are actually getting married in less than 3 weeks!).  We did some grilling and spent a relaxing dinner catching up and hearing about their wedding plans.  It was so fun to listen to all they are excited for and what they are doing to get ready!  It flooded my mind with memories about how Mitch and I were feeling and what we were thinking in those few weeks before our wedding and I couldn’t help but smile.  Marriage truly is one of God’s greatest inventions and we feel so blessed to be able to witness these two friends of ours getting close to their wedding day!

After dinner, we all headed downtown for Mitch to experience his first Pittsburgh fireworks.  We parked on a back street on top of Mount Washington and just so happened to stumble upon a spot directly in front of where they were being set off.  I had a migraine earlier that day and was unable to make anything for dessert, so Mitch bought these…

A patriot tribute via popsicles, of course! haha I love it.  All in all, the fireworks were beautiful and we had a great time!  In just over a couple of weeks I will have some pictures of these two in much fancier attire! 🙂

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