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Sweet Summertime

July 3, 2010

I love summer.  I love warm weather, picnics, barbecues, vacations, laying by the pool and even the smell of sunscreen (did you know Yankee makes a candle called Sun & Sand that smells exactly like the beach??) We have been doing some summery things that have reminded my beach-loving personality that this fabulous season really is in full swing!

A few days ago we went jet skiing with some of our friends at a nearby lake.  To drive a jet ski in PA you actually need a boating license…so Mitch and I are now legal boat drivers!  For a couple of hours and $34.50 you can become a legitimate operator of water vehicles.  Crazy, huh?  (I don’t know that I would be confident on more than a jet ski!)  Anyways…these are the beauties our friend’s dad lent us for the day…

And this is my studly husband after wake boarding behind one of them…

Last night with our marriage mentors, we were talking about some of the things that we have learned about each other since getting married.  Mitch and I laughed because as we rode on a jet ski together just days before he told me how incredibly shocked he was that I would go so fast!  He said he expected “slow and steady” and was blow away by my need for speed! haha

Along with our jet skiing day, we found ourselves enjoying some less busy, quiet nights this week which allowed us to break in our grill!  Mitch being the grill master that he is whipped up some of these summer delectables…

Yum!  They were delish.  We love to use Sweet Baby Ray’s barbecue sauce…I discovered it in a recipe for pulled pork once and we have never gone back!

While I can’t believe it is already July, I am also so happy that two good months of summer still remain.  Happy 4th!

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