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July 1, 2010
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One day while Mitch and I were having lunch together in college, Mitch did something that would not soon be forgotten.  I was eating a grapefruit when he bet he could get one of the seeds to grow.  “Yeah right!”  I (supportively) replied.  He looked inspired…”I definitely can.  I’m at least going to try!”

That was all it took.  Mitch gathered a few of the seeds in a paper napkin and off he went.  He visited one of the biology professors to ask which kind of soil would be best for this citrusy type of seed and happily walked away with his seeds firmly planted in a little plastic cup.  A few of the guys he lived with said there was no way it was going to happen, but others disagreed.  One of his friends thought that it was so impossible that he made Mitch a deal.  “Name that grapefruit tree after me and if it grows, I’ll name my first child after you.”  Bold, Mitch thought, but why not.  So, Mitch named his grapefruit tree seedling Dom and diligently took care of it over the next couple of years and it grew and grew and grew…

This is what Dom looks like today (little did I know that day in the cafeteria that this tree would be part of our home one day!).  Looks like Dom is going to have a boy named Mitch!

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