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Wild Animal Sighting

June 14, 2010
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On Saturday evening, my sweet little sister Erin and I went to a local college campus to practice taking photos.  We went right before the sun went down for optimal lighting and were having a great time laughing, taking pictures and being creative.  We made our way from the back of the campus to the front, with plenty of daylight to spare, when Erin suggested we go down to a little pond by the entrance of the campus to see if we could find some creativity there.  We knew the direction of the pond and started walking to the top of the hill we needed to cross to get to where we were going.  That’s when it happened.  Erin froze.  I froze.  We saw something. Off in the distance (maybe 20-25ft. away), we spotted an animal.  Without moving or turning toward me, she whispered, “I think that’s a fox.”  “A WHAT?!” I exclaimed in the quietest voice possible.  “It looks too big to be a fox, but we have to get away!”  “I saw it move–let’s get out of here!!”

With that, I started to sprint away.  Erin quickly reminded me that we probably should not attract any attention to ourselves and slowly walk away, the way we came.  It took everything in me to comply, but I knew an animal around people in broad daylight could mean lots of bad things, so I followed her lead.  We made it safely to our car about 100 yards away and drove as close as we could to our sighting to see if we truly saw what we thought we did.  It was true!  We even took pictures (unfortunately it was pretty dusky at this point so they are all super blurry and not very close), but we saw it!  An animal that was lurking around the pond–we knew it!  We called a local authority to let them know about this strange animal in case it could have been a threat to people.  The man I talked to said they couldn’t do anything about it, but thanks for the call and have a nice night.

Whew.  The adrenaline rush was over and we were safely home.  We told my husband about our near-death experience in the most dramatic way possible and he was glad we were safe, but thought it probably was a harmless little animal and we got too close to its home.

Mitch and I told some of our friends the next day and got varied reactions–some concern for the potentially rabies-ridden beast from my story, some thought Erin and I might have overreacted by calling someone. But I was so convinced of what I saw…I thought we would be crazy not to!

That’s when she told us.  One of our friends leaned over to Mitch and said, “Where was it she saw this animal again?” Mitch told her.  “When should I tell her?”  “Tell her what?” he asked.  “I actually had the same reaction not too long ago.  That pond…it has animal statues all around it.  I think they are foxes.”

I had to investigate.  I was so convinced that what I saw was real…I needed to see this with my own eyes.  So, even with it being dark outside, we ventured back to this campus.  I walked our couple of friends that were with us through where Erin and I had been the day before.  We trekked over the hill toward the pond and I pointed in the direction of where we saw this supposed animal.  That’s when we saw it–the fox!  It was still there?


It was still there.

Our panic-causing friend was simply one of several cardboard cutouts of a coyote-resembling figure (very life-like I might add!!)  We cracked up.  My plight that I was so convinced was true turned out to be a fish story.  Seinfeld, anyone? 🙂

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