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Pirates, Popsicles and Dancing in the Kitchen

June 5, 2010

Last night, Mitch and I had the great blessing of going to the Pirate game with a family from church.  I absolutely love everything about baseball games, so we were more than happy to tag along!  They were there because it was Disability Awareness Celebration in Pittsburgh and the mom was showing an awesome invention she made for children who have sleeping issues to help them fall asleep safely, giving their caregivers a peace of mind.  This special enclosed bed is called the Safety Sleeper and you can visit her site to learn more about it at  As Pittsburgh weather would go, it was storming for most of the night and when we left at 10:30 they were just finishing the second inning!  We heard today that the Pirates didn’t pull it out, so with new, free Roberto Clemente jerseys in hand, we were glad we made the decision to leave when we did!

Yesterday I tried something a little different that I have been wanting to do ever since I’ve had a freezer bigger than a shirt box (my college fridge was practical at the time, it just didn’t leave much room for creativity!).  Anyway, I found these at Target a couple of days ago and couldn’t resist!It’s been getting pretty warm around here and while not much rocket science is needed, I thought of how I might make some deliciously tasty, but healthy, cool summer treats.  Mitch and I love making smoothies, so I thought that might be the perfect answer to my soon-to-be-frozen dilemma.  I mixed together in a blender some strawberries, orange juice and low-fat vanilla yogurt and poured that mixture into 2 of my 4 popsicle molds.  I then added some blueberries to the same mix and filled the remaining 2.  The results?  I had a happy husband, so I was pleased!  The best part:  the remainder of whatever you don’t use is a fabulous smoothie already made!

Many people have asked me since Mitch and I got married what our favorite part of being married is.  What a question!  I feel like it could be answered with so many different things and in so many different ways.  Daily we find new things we love about being together and while married life certainly isn’t easy, it truly has been made clear to us that it is one of God’s greatest inventions!  From being able to say goodnight and stay together to starting and ending each day together–it really is awesome!  I am reminded daily of things I love about my husband, and yesterday was especially exemplary of this.  I had just dropped something I was making in the kitchen and made an “I’m bummed” sound that Mitch recognized well.  His response?  A dance party.  What better way to take my mind off of my ruined creation than to dance with my husband?  Perfect.  In minutes we were both laughing hysterically and I had nearly forgotten my recent misfortune.  I love him.

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  1. June 8, 2010 2:15 am

    loved reading your post….very inspirational….and although i live in steeler country… i have to say i am a phillys fan…but who cares the whole state rocks…


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